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kraftwerk norwich 0 4 June 2015

Wolfgang Flür at Epic Studios

Later this month you can catch ex-Kraftwerk percussionist Wolfgang Flür at Epic Studios for a live performance – “Musik Soldat”. The show will be an upbeat mix of techno led electronic music against a back-drop of unique visuals, which Flür describes as “a presentation of music and storytelling that was like “The Brothers Grimm with synthesizers”. Here is part one of an interview, where we discussed what we can expect from his show, his time in Kraftwerk and his future projects…

You have said your live appearances are not quite a DJ set but not a concert either. For the uninitiated, how would you describe it?
I show slides, videos, TV-recordings and play my taste of music to them. I’m not a DJ. DJing is another art. I’m an actor. I act my tracks physically by means of dancing, gesture rich movings. After my show I’m wet all over in my shirt and trousers and need a shower in my hotel. Some people might think I’m crazy and I, yes, I am – for music! I cannot stand still with music, that’s my personality, my temperament. I enherited it from my mother.

‘Heimcomputer’ is one of the tracks in your set. Why does this KRAFTWERK track in particular still resonate with you?
The funny thing is that we had no home computer when we recorded the song. The song describes the vision of what the humanity can await in the near future of 1978. What I play at the beginning of my show is a dance mix of that song. I like it very much, it has a lightweighted feel to the original and also shows where I come from (starting from the Autobahn), my musical home.

You still have a very strong friendship with Karl Bartos. Have the two of you considered working together musically again?
Yes, often. We were not able to find a musical meetpoint. We developed too different in style and themes after our split from Kraftwerk. But that’s not a problem between us, we are friends, good friends since long, and I appreciate every good advise he gives me. Karl lives in Hamburg since many years. We telephone nearly every week and speak about diverse things. Good to have a friend like him with the same musical past and experiences…




The last YAMO album ‘Time Pie’ came out in 1997. Why has it taken so long to follow up?
That has to do with Germany and its pop culture and music-industry. In Germany a pop artist has not that reputation like musicians in England I found out viagra generic canada. I simply couldn’t find a fitting record company here. On the other hand I worked not every day on lyrics, melodies and musical arrangements. I have written a book together with my wife Zuhal on the Germans (Neben Mir – Rheinland Grotesken). A sixteen tales book, very weird stories and had often been on book readings instead working in the studio with partner Stefan Lindlahr. He owns a studio in Neunkirchen-Krahwinkel where the former Conny Plank had ist famous place too. Since this year and many collaborations with other international musicians I have a good and entertaining assortment of songs together for a whole new album. ‘ELOQUENCE’ is its name because of my story teller style inside in most of the tracks.

Apart from YAMO, have you any interesting projects coming up? Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?
I have stopped YAMO as a musical project like for theTime Pie album. All what can be brought out will be released from now under my personal name. ELOQUENCE for instance with singers, spoken words, diverse additional musicians.

I had much joy with collaboratins with Bon Harris from Nitzer Ebb, with Anni Hogan of former Marc Almond band. I had a collaboration with Ramon Amezcua of Nortec Collective Mexico, with Jack Dangers from San Francisco. All such co-ops happened during the last three years.
I’ll meet up with Bono of U2 in New York on 22. July when he plays the Madison Square Garden. I was told that he’s a big Kraftwerk fan. Lets see what comes out of that meeting, I’m open for anything!

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