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WAW 0 16 May 2016

WAW UK Weekend Round Up

This weekend’s TV taping with WAW UK at Epic Studios was a great success and made for some really entertaining viewing! We have to admit that we’re a bit hooked here at the studios and the WAW UK team have really won us over with their crazy antics. We aren’t alone. The show is recorded for both US and Spanish audiences and popularity is growing…

Audiences, staff and film crew watched in amazement on Saturday, as wrestlers fought in rumble and tag matches – and at one point even introduced a ladder to the mix for a ‘Sky’s the Limit’ round. This bonkers new match style involved wrestlers fighting to reach a contract that was suspended from the ceiling, by climbing a 10 ft ladder, while fighting! Sound dangerous? It was! A few of us couldn’t watch as contestants repeatedly threw each other from the top risking serious injury.

Sunday was for the female wrestlers, including Bellatrix founder and professional wrestler, (Sweet) Saraya Knight & former WWE & TNA Women’s Champion Lisa Marie Varon. It was no less dramatic but we can’t discuss the outcomes until these recordings have been aired.

Alongside the usual in-the-ring drama there was some unexpected additional family feuding over the weekend! WAW owner Ricky Knight unexpectedly declared a secret hatred for his two wrestling champ sons, Zak and Roy (The UK Hooligans) after hitting Zak with a chair – a move that lost Zak his title of WAW World Heavyweight Champion. He was later described by Roy as a ‘bitter old man’ when he said that this shocking betrayal was about showing people that he could ‘make or break ANY star in WAW’.

Oh dear! We hope he has since made peace with wife Saraya, who is also mum to the two and took their side at the time…

Epic Studios would like to extend our wishes for a speedy recovery to Pro wrester Peter Nixon, who injured his arm on Saturday and was due to have surgery yesterday.

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