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TV Production Crew 0 27 February 2018

Filling The Gap – UK Film And TV Production Crew Shortages

UK film and TV production crew Skill Shortage

UK media production is currently enjoying an all-time high, due to increases in demand for SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) and high-end TV and film production, driven by creative industry tax reliefs. Great news for the majority of those working in the sector – but the boom has brought with it some unpredicted UK film and TV production crew challenges.

According to research released by Creative Skillset (an organisation that supports screen-based creative industry in the UK), increases in UK production have left a skill-gap in the industry, currently contributing to:

  • Extended ‘crew up’ times (the time it takes to pull production teams together).
  • Inflation in pay-rates for all roles
  • Rising levels of ‘show jumping’ (the practice of crew leaving a production before it is complete, for a better paid, or longer term role elsewhere)
  • Inexperienced crew ‘stepping up’ into highly-skilled roles too soon
  • A stall on considerations around diversity within the workforce

Key roles that are being reported by and as becoming increasingly difficult to fill, include: Production accountant, production manager, DoP, production co-ordinator, location manager, line producer, grip, script supervisor and focus puller. The situation is having an impact across the board, from trainee roles to producers and directors.

TV Production Experience

Production people are notoriously resourceful and able to think on their feet but even the most experienced heads of departments are up against it as we head into 2018, with no sign of growth in the industry slowing down. The obvious response is to increase provision of media education and training, and beyond that, to employ people with a tested reputation for loyalty and reliability alongside relevant experience where possible.

CEO of Creative Skillset, Seetha Kumar, says: “The increase in commissioning of High End Television content from UK producers, and in particular by newer players such as Netflix and Amazon, has provided a welcome boost to the industry and demonstrated that we are world leaders in creating and delivering ambitious, much loved programming that resonates globally. Research confirms what our experience over the last few years has shown – that if we want to maintain and grow our international competitiveness we need to further step up our work together as an industry to urgently address the skills and talent shortages and knock on effects, that this boom is causing and the lack of inclusivity that as a sector we need to tackle.”

Epic Studios have contact with an abundance of freelance, experienced and reliable production talent and are able to help those looking to crew their project. You can contact them by calling 01603 727727, or emailing We also provide hands-on workshops and short-course training in media production for all ages.

Media Production Courses Norwich

For full-time, recognised creative qualifications from GCSE to Degree level, you may wish to contact Access Creative College, with whom we also work closely, to provide the next generation of UK crew. Previous Access & Epic Studios collaborative projects include student music show ‘MixTape‘ (click to view more) and we will also support them in producing ‘Spotlight’ later this year.

Meanwhile, keep checking in for more film and TV production news from Epic Studios.

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