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TV Production Workshops
Our TV Studio Production day courses are fantastic fun and offer a rare opportunity for the public to take a look behind the scenes and experience how things work in a fully operational studio. Whether you are specifically interested in media or TV production from an educational perspective, want to create a unique piece of video marketing content, or are simply looking for a truly memorable activity day for yourself and a group of friends, you will not be disappointed. There are few activities that beat producing live TV with a team of enthusiastic industry professionals who can offer you training in exciting roles, both behind and in front of the camera. So, why not come along and be a star for a day?

Below is an example of workshop structure:

Morning session:
Building orientation
Studio & galleries tour
Safety briefing
Basic training in 2-4 roles, including:

    • Floor manager
    • Director
    • Production assistant
    • Runner
    • Vision mixer
    • VT (video tape) operator
    • Visual effects operator
    • Camera operator
    • Autocue operator
    • Sound engineer
    • Presenter
    • Weather presenter
    • Various assisting / shadowing roles (on rotation with main roles)

Afternoon session
Recording of show/s
Screening – time allowing
(Resulting shows will be made available whether or not screening takes place.)

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