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media courses norwich 0 12 September 2017

The Importance Of Creative Education

Why Choose A Creative Education?

Last week, BBC Look East ran a story called ‘Creative Crisis’, focusing on some of the issues currently being faced by the creative industries. The report suggested that, in certain sectors, employers are struggling to find enough appropriately skilled workers to satisfy demand. This may be the outcome of a recent prioritisation in education of ‘STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects, that has resulted in some creative subjects being dropped from UK school curriculums.

Over a year ago, John Kampfner, chief executive of the Creative Industries Federation told the Guardian: “Head teachers are being discouraged from investing in design and technology, arts, music and drama. Not only has this policy deprived children (particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds) from enjoying a rounded education, but the economic consequences are already playing themselves out.” He went on to explain that, “Creative learning is not just a route into the arts, it is also essential across the economy. Ask app inventors or car designers”.

Since then, the creative industries have continued to grow exponentially and this is predicted to go on. PwC estimate that, “The UK [entertainment and media] sector will grow at a compound rate of 3% per annum over the next 5 years, to be worth £72 billion by 2021”. Look East’s report highlighted that the gaming industry alone is developing so rapidly at present, that the number of available workers with the right skills simply isn’t high enough to feed it.

The good news is that forward-thinking Further and Higher Education and training providers are taking note, and making moves to ensure that school-leavers are provided with opportunities to gain the creative experiences and qualifications they need. One such provider, Access to Music creative college, offers level 1-4 qualifications, in a vast range of music related courses (from business and events to production and engineering), alongside technical theatre, acting, media, and – recently launched – games design. You can find out more on their creative course information pages.

Epic Studios also continues to provide real-world, work-experience and apprenticeship opportunities for young people and is proud to be ‘doing our bit’ for the creative industries and its future workforce.

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