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Charlotte Robinson Photography 0 18 October 2016

Sorority Noise – Epic Studios Review

Sorority Noise – A Student Review for Epic Studios

Written by Georgia Mallinder
(Access to Music – Creative Media student)

Photography by Charlotte Robinson
(Access to Music – Creative Media student)

Sorority Noise are an incredibly powerful emo band hailing from Connecticut, America.
Formed in 2013, their sound was generated when members of Old Gray and Prawn joined forces. They took to the stage at Epic Studios Norwich (courtesy of Upsurge UK) on the 10th October.

Upsurgeuk Epic Studios

Sorority Noise kicked off their impressive performance with a dreamy intro that set the scene. From then on the stage radiated powerful build ups and screaming emotion, developing into beautiful sequences. A solid mix of swaying and headbanging that felt (super)natural. Their set was injected with upbeat breakthroughs that you couldn’t help responding to and the seamless connection between band members made their performance all the more phenomenal.

Epic Studios events

SN’s catchy and memorable music immediately captivated the audience as the talented foursome proved without doubt that they could thrash out a party on demand! The powerful, heartfelt beats and harmonies showcased more talent than even the most avid fan expected. Looking around, I could see that I was not the only one feeling shivers.

Upsurge Norwich

Before long, the room was filled with punchy melodies pumped full of attitude, it was truly exciting to watch things unfold. What would the band bring next? Eerie; Indie; Grungey; Emotional; Dancey? All there – and an immense mix at that! By now, the crowd was full of a love and energy that could not go unnoticed, no-one had anything else on their mind, we just let loose.

Epic Studios Music

The guys were shy talkers but committed dedicators, spinning out a song for their pals in Turnover that made the show just that bit more special. Despite a guitar string injury, they continued to pile in the head bangs and it certainly did not hamper the talent on stage.

Sorority Noise Norwich

The end of the show was dark, slow and beautifully composed, with an almost sacred feeling to it, building to a sweet breakthrough that was made for losing your mind to. Full of power, energy and raging sequences, the crescendo was met with crazy movement from everyone in the venue, especially the band themselves… each member finished the night in their own way, and their own world.

Epic Studios events

Emotionally beautiful, relatable lyrics, sound instrumentation and charismatic performances made this an unforgettable show.

Come back soon legends.
Peace x

Live Music Norwich

Georgia Mallinder & Charlotte Robinson

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