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Shalamar's 'The Real Thing' music video 0 5 December 2017

Shalamar’s ‘The Real Thing’ Music Video Filmed At Epic Studios!

Epic Studios’ videographer Alex Thursby, recently produced a music video for the legendary funk/soul/disco band – Shalamar, who visited us Norwich in October on their ‘Friends’ tour. The video is for brand new track, ‘The Real Thing’, which was released last month and filmed entirely at the studios before and during their performance. I caught up with Alex this week and asked how it went.

Hi Alex, congrats on your production of Shalamar’s ‘The Real Thing’ music video…pretty cool! It looks like the band (Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Daniel and Carolyn Griffey) were fun to work with? Did I see evidence of some backstage shenanigans?
Thanks, yeah, they were really chilled out, relaxed people but up for a bit of a laugh as well. It made the job of filming them quite easy, as they just let me work around them and were very natural in front of the camera. It was definitely a good experience. Vocal warm ups included some opera style singing exercises and they were in high spirits by the end of those – just having fun with it, that’s probably what you picked up on. There’s obviously good chemistry between them, which was nice to see.

Howard Hewett - Shalamar
(Howard Hewett of Shalamar)

Did you have a clear vision of what the completed video would look like when you started, or was it quite a spontaneous thing?
Well, I knew we were filming it but I hadn’t got any particular narrative in mind. They arrived half an hour before doors, so the backstage filming, all done prior to the show, was quite spontaneous!

Any hiccups, or did everything go smoothly?
It went pretty smoothly. We got everything in 3 takes – but Carolyn did take her sunglasses off for one of the sequences, so I worried a bit about continuity in those shots. We discussed it and they said to just go ahead and use everything, so I did and she looks great!

Shalamar's 'The Real Thing' Music Video Filmed At Epic Studios!

What sort of camera equipment you were using?
Just a Sony F5 and Epic’s HDC1500s

Did you get to stick around and enjoy Shalamar’s performance after the recording?
I’m sure I would’ve really enjoyed the show but I had to leave for another job after we finished filming, which was a real shame.

And do you like the track itself?
Yeah, I like the track, it’s really catchy! It’s a good job I do too, as I obviously got to hear it lots of times in the edit!

Carolyn Griffey - Shalamar
(Carolyn Griffey of Shalamar)

How long were you working on the video?
It took about a week overall to complete, with some guidance from the band on how they wanted things to look.

So they gave you feedback on the progress of the video during the editing process?
Yeah, we didn’t really have a meeting about it or discuss any plans in depth before the filming, so they kept in close contact throughout the edit. I would complete a bit and send it over and they would get back to me and make suggestions on how they’d like things to look, or how they saw the next stage working, which was helpful .

Jeffrey Daniel - Shalamar
(Jeffrey Daniel of Shalamar)

They seem happy with the finished product?
Yeah, they do seem happy with it. They posted it up on their ‘Shalamar Friends’ Facebook page shortly after I sent it over, so I took that to be a good sign.

View Shalamar’s ‘The Real Thing’ music video below:

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