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Shalamar's 'The Real Thing' Music Video Filmed At Epic Studios! 0 19 December 2017

Shalamar “Real Soul Is Back”

American soul, funk and disco trio, Shalamar, burst back onto the music scene this year with a major UK and European tour – and local TV studio and music venue Epic Studios was proud host its second date in October.

The ‘Friends’ tour acknowledges 35 years since the release of the band’s best-selling 1982 album of the same name, which features classic Shalamar tracks from the height of their popularity, including: ‘A Night to Remember’, ‘There It Is’ and ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’. It has also provided an opportunity for Shalamar to introduce their brand-new single, ‘The Real Thing’ – a first for the band since 1997!

The ‘Friends’ night at Epic (28th October) was especially exciting, as the music video for ‘The Real Thing’ was filmed live at the studios before and during Shalamar’s performance and produced by local videographer Alex Thursby. Since the video went live on social media 22nd November, the response has been extremely positive with over 90 thousand views since, and positive feedback from fans across the globe. On YouTube and the band’s ‘Shalamar Friends’ Facebook page, people have left comments like:

“Absolutely love this so much ”
“What a catchy hook, love this, it is like chocolate and potato chips. You can’t eat just one”
“OMG! I Listened to this at 5:50 am and woke straight up dancing! I love this song”
“I am darn near in tears!! The magic that was Shalamar is still the magic that IS Shalamar….tight!”

In a recent interview, Alex told me that the band were great to work with due to their relaxed, fun approach and that they “were very natural in front of the cameras”, with “good chemistry between them”. You can really see this in the video, which showcases, not only the voices but also the energy and performance skill of the band.
Unsurprising, since Shalamar are widely associated with the introduction of street dance to the UK, and band member Jeffrey Daniel was filmed performing the ‘backslide’ (since named the ‘moonwalk’) almost a year before Michael Jackson. La Toya Jackson once revealed that MJ sought Daniel out in order to learn some dance moves from the choreographer. Daniel is in good company on the ‘Friends’ tour, with Carolyn Giffrey (soul and gospel vocalist and daughter of Carrie Lucas and Dick Giffrey) and Howard Hewett (recently voted in the top 10 best male singers ever by Soul Tracks)

You can view the finished video below:

The track is available now from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

For more from our videographer Alex on what went on behind the scenes, read our interview.

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