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Grandmaster Flash coming to norwich 0 2 February 2016

Return of Grandmaster Flash to Epic Studios

The Return of Grand Master Flash!

We are so excited about the return of DJ Grandmaster Flash to Epic TV Studios on Saturday 7th May! Some of you will remember his last phenomenal performance here in November 2014. If you missed out, read on for a quick sum up.

Flash, founding father of hip-hop, had our studios bouncing like a space-hopper on Red Bull back in 2014, to an eclectic mix of his best picks from decades of club and radio favourites. He led the crowd through 70s hip-hop and funk, 80s groove and disco, right into rock and indie – and they responded, unselfconsciously chanting lyrics to every track he spun. Run DMC, Suzanne Vega, Eminem, UB40 or Nirvana …music lovers were united in a way that surely only the master could facilitate.

The show was a no-holds-barred musical journey, consisting of choice cuts from a true smorgasbord of popular music, some of which we didn’t even know we loved so much! Of course the place went nuts when some much-anticipated Sugar Hill classics were dropped into the mix, but this was a party for music lovers, not just hip-hop heads, and the Grand Master ensured that everyone left smiling.

For many of us this was the stand-out Epic TV Studios event of the year, so we cannot wait for a second chance to see GMF in action again. Even better, he loved being here as much as we loved having him and is looking forward to another party with us and the Norwich crowd. Come and join us in welcoming him back!

Grandmaster Flash at Epic TV Studios 2015

Grandmaster Flash at Epic Studios


Of course, we’ve been assuming that DJ Grandmaster Flash needs no introduction (!) but if any readers would like to read the back story of this multi-award winning innovator there’s a full bio on our related events page (link below), along with event details, including how to purchase your tickets.

See you there! 

Click here for DJ Grandmaster Flash Bio and ticket details


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