Production Gallery – Studio 1 (A, B & C)

TV production courses norwich

With space for a full team at individual workstations, this TV production gallery will provide all concerned with the information and control they require at all times. Screens are provided with information on ISO records, CapGen, HD Black status and each media player – as well as camera, preview and programme outputs.

Quick Spec

1 X Grass Valley Kayak HD vision mixer with chroma key licenses
1 X Grass Valley K2 Media Server- 3 channel playback 1 channel record (integrated with mixer or standalone operation)
1 X WinPlus Autoscript Autocue Controller workstation
1 X PixelPower Clarity graphics workstation
6 x Convergent Design Flash recorders for ISO outputs
1 X Black Magic SSD 2 Dock Recorder for Progamme output
1 X Bespoke ISDN line and Audio TX Communicator +dongle for simple interfacing and robust production quality audio

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