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We specialise in the design and provision of ruggedised cameras, digital recorders and minicams, to bring back pictures from locations beyond the reach of ordinary video crews: locations in the air, under water, on the move and even underground in high temperature and pressure locations. We build our own cameras, our own mounts and our own recorders. Where necessary, they are built into a vehicle wiring loom, allowing semi-automatic operation.

We provided on-board footage for the BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ and in-car coverage of the BTCC British Touring Car Championship and World Rally Championships has been enjoyed all over the world. Our coverage of BT’s Global Challenge yachting took that event to a new audience. We also provide live links to moving cameras. Covert Cameras supplied and operated by us have been used by some of the UK’s top TV journalists – including ‘The Cook Report’ and ‘Watchdog’- to bring back the story.

We have technicians to source, adapt and fit existing camera systems and engineers to design and build brackets, mounts and entirely new custom built systems from scratch. We have in-house electricians, software designers who build configuration software and user interfaces, mechanical design engineers using SolidWorks software for finite 3D modelling, and a 3D printer for rapid prototyping.

If you think it can’t be done: speak to us. Our Systems include but not limited to:

• High Definition 3CCD mini system
• Full range of GoPro and accessories
• 4k UAV (drone)
• StikCam
• PuddleCam
• Micro Recorders
• ShirtCam
• InvisiCam

Take a look at an example of our cams and videographers in action in this promo video for Nokia:

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