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At Epic Studios we can film, stream and record your live show in full 1080p HD. How your audience views the content is entirely up to you, it can be imbedded in any of the following:

• Our Website
• Your Website
• Any Social Media website

It can be played out live to an audience anywhere in the world.

Concerned about our HD video not reaching those on lower speed connections? Don’t worry, we send our servers the 1080p HD signal in real time and it gets encoded at varying qualities dependant on the consumer speed. So we will always provide the best quality that consumers can view based on their internet speed.

This can be provided for you as either a free service to your viewer, or we can provide a pay per view service. We use PayPal to authorise viewing. During shows we can give you real-time viewing figures and in-depth analysis to take away with you. From start to finish we are your best solution for streaming around the world.

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