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Aerial Photography & Surveys – Why Choose Epic Studios?

Epic Studios’ aerial filming team provide stunning, bespoke visuals, for any conceivable venture with aerial requirements, including time-lapse and standalone projects. We take the man-hours, danger and expense out survey projects, while delivering accurate structural information and can offer both live-stream and recorded footage.

Ours is a fully licensed self-contained unit, able to film absolutely anywhere in the UK, without restriction. Highly qualified and experienced pilots provide clients with absolute confidence and we use our own power supplies for charging batteries, so can be ready to film in a matter of minutes, saving you both time and money.

Our aerial filming UAV’s (drones) are a dual operated system run by remote pilot and remote camera operators with a live video stream to the ground. This enables us, if required, to be directed by you in getting the specific shots that you need, framing the shot during the flight for ultimate accuracy.

Epic Studios’ UAV filming services include:

• Pre-planning
• Permissions if required
• Insurance cover
• 5.2K Cameras
• Wide selection of lenses ranging from 9mm to 42mm
• Footage available in CinemaDNG, ProRes, and RAW
• Full 360 camera panning
• Gyro Stabilised Gimbal
• UAV Pilots (BNUC-S) & Gimbal operators
• Periodic monitoring
• All additional required equipment
• Separate HDMI feed for supply to another screen or live monitor
• 1080i live feed for outside broadcast
• High resolution detail
• Low / high altitude images / video
• In-house editing service
• Fast turnaround

Epic Studios Aerial Filming team is

• Able to hold positions inside or outside with no satellite signal
• Ready to film in under 20 minutes

Additional Services

Our UAVs are not just used for filming, they can also be used for the following:

• Aerial Surveys
• Photography
• Live viewing

Safety First

We are able to take HD video and hi-res RAW images for inspections and other purposes with our UAVs, so why risk sending someone hundreds of feet up a structure? You never need to risk anyone’s personal safety for this type of job again.

Cost Effective

Using UAVs for your job can save thousands of pounds in cranes, helicopters and specialist rope access teams, there is also rarely any downtime needed when you use UAVs, again cutting costs to a fraction of those associated with traditional or alternative methods.

Experienced and reliable

Our pilots boast 25 years broadcast and 35 years UAV pilot experience and are BNUC-S (1st class) qualified and reliable to cater to your needs.

qualified drone pilots

See our showreels page or view our portfolio, for more examples of footage captured by our team.

Epic Studios is also proud to work in collaboration with Eye Film on aerial filming projects and we are very happy with the results of our combined efforts which can be viewed on their aerial filming pages and in our portfolio.

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