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Creative Giant norwich 0 11 January 2016

Epic TV Studios’ New Website = Giant Success!

Great to see you on our fantastic new Epic TV Studios website! was launched in 2015 and we’re so delighted with the results it has generated that we wanted to tell you a bit more about our experience of working with the creators – Norwich-based design agency Creative Giant.

We saw several other companies before meeting with Rob Wilkes (Creative Giant founder and MD) at the studios, to discuss our vision of what the new website should be. When we did, we knew that Creative Giant was the team we wanted to work with. Months later, we’re very happy to have made that decision.

Rob listened and gave insightful advice at every stage of the build – from inspiration boards and wireframes, to site management training for relevant staff members. He made it his business to understand our brand and was really intuitive about what we wanted to achieve – alongside a generous (and patient) approach whenever we contacted him with a query or new idea during the design/build process.

We wanted complete control over our website, so our marketing team could implement structural changes as well as dealing with day-to-day management in-house. Creative Giant was able to deliver this, while also providing functionality that meant the site could continue to work hard for us even during periods where we were pre-occupied with other tasks.

On completion we were immediately impressed by the look achieved in response to our brief – one that was developed with constant guidance, in our own time, and to our specific requirements.
Even better, a marked increase in enquiries became apparent shortly after launch – a situation that has continued ever since!

We’re excited to report that as a result of this outcome, we’ve recently commissioned Creative Giant to work with us again, combining elements from our old music based site with the shiny new TV studios one! Keep an eye open for updates…

Meanwhile you can read more about what Creative Giant got up to in 2015 on their latest blog ‘Design for any Resolution‘.

If you have a design or marketing related query for Creative Giant or would like to sign up to their newsletter, you can contact them via:

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