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Epic Studios Series 0 24 April 2017

Musical Comedy ‘Epic Studios’ Series To Premiere

Epic Studios Series

‘Epic Studios’ the online series, finally has a launch date after 2 years in the making. No, it’s nothing to do with us here at Epic Studios in Norwich but when the musical comedy namesake came to our attention last year after a clip appeared online, how could we resist checking it out and sharing with readers?

‘Epic Studios’ the series, was co-written by Jill Goslicky, Aaron Krebs and Lloyd Ahlquist (aka ‘Epic Lloyd’), who many YouTube followers will know for his multi-award-winning, ‘Epic Rap Battles of History’. Two channels devoted to ‘ERB’ currently have over 15 million subscribers and the tongue-in-cheek series (that features rap battles between various fictional, pop culture and historical characters) also boasts an 8.4 star rating on IMDB. In fact, ‘Epic Rap Battles’ is one of the most successful web series’ of all time. Will Ahlquist’s new venture ‘Epic Studios’ enjoy similar success?

Here’s the blurb…
“After a performance lion kills and eats his estranged, rockstar father, Lloyd inherits a failing recording studio in Toronto, Canada. Despite being saddled with an apathetic studio manager, a newly-discovered lunatic of a stepbrother, and a hipster receptionist that is too cool to work, Lloyd is determined to bring Epic Studios back to life.”

You may remember our 2016 blog ’Epic Studios Series’ about the upcoming production, when we first heard plans for the web show. At the time Ahlquist said of his new project: “This is a different side of me. There’s a story and its much more character-based, so I’m excited about that.”

This week we read the following comments from
“Viewers can expect several elements that are also hallmarks of ERB, as Epic Studios is also a blend of music, comedy, and delightfully low-budget green-screen effects. As the trailer shows, its 13 episodes will include 13 new music videos, with Ahlquist showing off his lyrical chops as well as his acting skills.”

If you’re as curious as we are, you can catch the premiere on ‘EpicLLOYD’s’ channel, this Wednesday 26th April. Meanwhile, you can view the new trailer below.

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