Become a tenant

Do you work in media and want to have a TV studio as your address? Why not become a tenant at Epic Studios?
With varying sizes and configurations you’re only an enquiry away from moving your business into our unique and welcoming surroundings.

Epic Studios tenancy spaces are competitively priced. There is a service charge that includes but is not limited to the following:

• Security and safety
• Building Management
• Receptionist
• Refuse collection
• Cleaning
• Buildings insurance

Optional Extras

Epic Studios understands that the key to business is great communication.
We have a fully networked phone system, so no matter how big or small your organisation we can supply the correct amount of handsets.
All calls are logged and charged back to you at standard rates.
We also offer a selection of direct dial (DDI) phone numbers at £5 per number.

Fibre Optic Internet
We have a 200MB dedicated upload and download fibre optic internet connection on a 1GB pipe. As this is a dedicated line, the speeds we offer are constant and get no interference from local exchanges. They start at 8mb up to 32mb and are very reasonably priced.

Something we missed? Get in touch and let us know what you need. We are extremely resourceful and very well provisioned across the site.

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