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Let's Eat Grandma Album Launch 0 12 June 2018

Let’s Eat Grandma New Album Launch At Epic Studios

Epic Studios crew are excited! Teenaged experimental music duo ‘Let’s Eat Grandma’ will join us to celebrate the release of their new album at Epic Studios next month – a last chance to catch them in the UK before they leave for 2 months of touring Canada and the US. The Album, ‘I’m All Ears’, is due for release 29th June, and the twin-like pair will join us, here in their home town, less than a week later – Thursday 5th July (more event info here).

LEG are very welcome back at the studios. They first graced our stages 4 years ago, in July 2014, as support for fellow-musician, and early fan, Kiran Leonard – who actually introduced them to their first manager. They also studied Music Performance and Production (2016-18) at Access Creative College, which is based in the Epic Studios building, so we have followed their story with interest in recent years.

If you’re less familiar with this experimental music phenomenon (shame on you) here’s a bit of background…

Jenny Hollingworth and Rosa Walton met at a school in Norwich, aged just 4, where they became firm friends. By the time they were 13 years old, they had started making music together – songs like ‘The Angry Chicken’ inspired by a novelty alarm clock. It is safe to say that their style was, and still is, unique. Music from Let’s Eat Grandma has since been described as unpredictable, unearthly, freaky, surreal, bewildering, beguiling, catchy, creepy…it has been categorised “crumpled balladry”, “eerie psych-pop”, “planned imprecision” and “teen dream pop with a nightmare twist”. It is probably fair to say that they have been met in the industry with a combination of admiration and confusion, and that they are just fine with that.

Rosa and Jenny released their first album, ‘I, Gemini’, in 2016, aged just 17 and at the time, their own summary of it was “psychedelic sludge pop”. They did not appear to be taking themselves too seriously. “The whole album is almost taking the **** out of popular music,” Jenny told The Guardian at the time. “So many things in it are just hilarious.” Despite this decidedly light-hearted approach, LEG were tipped and nominated for awards shortly after their first LP release, including 2016 Q mag’s Best Breakthrough Act, and they have since performed across the UK and much of Europe.

The upcoming second album ‘I’m All Ears’ – which includes production from Faris Badwan, David Wrench and SOPHIE – has been well received and, if you like your music ‘avant-garde’, we highly recommend checking it out. Track list below:

Let’s Eat Grandma, I’m All Ears:
1. “Whitewater”
2. “Hot Pink”
3. “It’s Not Just Me”
4. “Falling Into Me”
5. “Snakes & Ladders”
6. “Missed Call (1)”
7. “I Will Be Waiting”
8. “The Cat’s Pyjamas”
9. “Cool & Collected”
10. “Ava”
11. “Donnie Darko”

You can listen to LEGs greatest hits (including new track previews: Hot Pink, Ava, Falling Into Me and It’s Not Just Me) here.

You can buy an album launch ticket and pre-order album bundle here, and purchase gives you instant access to downloads of ‘Hot Pink’ and ‘Falling Into Me’.

See you 5th July!

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