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john lewis xmas ad 2015 0 2 November 2015

John Lewis Christmas Advert Launch – Do You Care?

John Lewis is due to release its 2015 Christmas advert on Friday 6th November, with actual countdowns appearing on some popular websites! Staff at Epic TV Studios wanted to know why Christmas adverts have become such a big deal, what inspires companies like John Lewis to spend millions of pounds on their Christmas advertising campaigns and why they insist on launching them so long before Christmas!

Here are some Christmas advert facts and figures that may help to explain the modern phenomenon of blockbusting seasonal ads…

According to The Independent, one in five of you have already begun your Christmas shopping and by the time the festivities begin you will have parted with an estimated £9.3 billion! This is clearly enough motivation for major retailers to begin their Christmas advertising over seven weeks before the big day, having invested in extraordinarily costly campaigns. They want to attract you to their stores and are happy to go to extreme lengths to make this happen.

Both Asda and Lidl have beaten John Lewis to it this year. Both companies launched 2015 Christmas ads over the weekend, while Marks & Spencer and Waitrose are rumoured to be releasing theirs on 8th November.

John Lewis ads in particular certainly seem to have caught the imagination of the public over the last few years – the company has previously reported a whopping £600 million sales boost as a result of their clever Christmas advertising! But what do you think? Do Christmas adverts have you counting down for the launch of the latest offering, or do they simply leave you cold?

Whether you’re a Christmas ad enthusiast, or you just don’t get it, we would love to hear what your take is on this year’s adverts as they are released, please leave us a comment! As for all the companies out there who are using Christmas advertising so effectively – good luck with your campaigns.

Finally, just to tide John Lewis Christmas advert fans over until the new one is released, here is last year’s ad, featuring the incredibly popular ‘Monty’ the penguin:

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