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Periscope 0 9 June 2015

Is There A Problem with Periscope?

Periscope has been available for both Android and iOS users for a few weeks now and Epic Studios writers are curious to hear how you’ve been using it. Has the app changed the way you use social media or consume your news? The much talked about live-streaming tool has been referred to on the Periscope team’s own blog as, ‘the closest thing to teleportation’ and, as live-stream enthusiasts, Epic Studios has to admit to being one of many companies to sit up and take notice since its launch.

Periscope has certainly proved an exciting tool for journalists recently – whether used to capture footage of the Baltimore riots, or impromptu Q&As with sports personalities, it has allowed for the connection of journalists and their readers in a new way. It is also a fantastic social media tool and is, as expected, proving popular between family or friends who would simply like to share a moment – like a beautiful sunset or a rainbow on their street. But…

Is There A Problem with Periscope?

But do the advantages outweigh the problems that this kind of app could create for some brands, if used for some other types of filming? Industry experts advised caution last to those considering the use of Periscope in marketing campaigns last month achat viagra tunisie. Alan Chapell, marketing consultant at Chapell and Associates, described the spontaneous use of this type of app as, “an absolute train wreck in the making”. Warning that, “somebody is going to screw up.”

Why does he say that?


If you live-stream from an event attended by celebrities, appropriate permissions have to be in place, if they are not you could end up being sued.

Average Joe

In fact, if anyone at all is going to feature in your live-stream Periscope video, you should consider the need for release forms to be signed. Or at least have alerted them to the filming taking place – prior to them becoming an unwitting star in your potentially viral video.

Defamation, libel, slander, copyright, trademark and content..

Rules around these issues should be approached in the same way as they would in any television production and if you are using Periscope as a business, it is also worth considering the possibility that you could find yourself promoting rival brands with accidental product placement.

Personal safety

It may also be wise to exercise caution when streaming your exact location to the world if you could be considered at all vulnerable!

Live-streaming apps have added an interesting dimension to twitter, and many of the staff here at Epic Studios will be exploring Periscope’s potential in future, but we are going to limit our use of the app for marketing until we’re clear on the implications.

Are you using this much talked about live-streaming app? If so, we would really love to hear what you’re using it for. Please respond below, or contact us on Twitter to show us what you’re sharing live!


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