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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing 0 5 June 2018

Is AI Technology Really Replacing Creatives?

 Is AI Technology Really Replacing Creatives?

Last year there was an abundance of stories in the media focusing on advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology in the work place. In response, we explored its growth in the creative industries with an Epic Studios blog, asking the question, ‘Is AI Technology Good for the Film & TV Industry?’.

We discovered a general consensus that more complex creative roles were currently thought to be ‘safe’ from AI, despite the technology having arrived in the marketing sector – and even in Hollywood, in the form of tools used for editing and script-writing purposes. So, is it likely that AI technology will increasingly replace creatives in future, or will more benefits than disadvantages ultimately be provided by this controversial combination of science and engineering?

After reading our article, product researchers contacted Epic Studios with an infographic that they thought may be of interest to our readers (link provided below), alongside information on ways that AI is already being used for marketing purposes by many of the world’s most successful brands. This is what they had to say:

“Technology is constantly expanding and evolving, and this includes the development of AI. Today, a machine can already achieve much of what a human can when it comes to marketing, customer service and sales, and brands across the globe have started to integrate AI into their business strategies. As a result, they have saved a lot of time and money. Some of the biggest brands in the world use artificial intelligence technology. For example:

Netflix uses it to provide personalised recommendations to its users, with more than 80% of the TV shows that customers watch on the platform, discovered through this recommendation system. The company also use it to compress some of their videos.

Amazon uses AI in several different ways. For example, Amazon Rekognition has the ability to identify people, objects, scenes and much more, while Amazon Lex allows users to build chatbots using both text and voice. The company is also known for creating the Amazon Alexa chatbox, which can be used through the brand’s range of smart speakers.

AI facts

Starbucks, has begun to utilise the power of the already developed Alexa AI platform, allowing its customers to place an order and pay through the system. It also provides a voice assistant in its app, from which users can, among other things, modify their orders.

Nike uses an AI assistant service called ‘Nike on Demand’ that sends motivational messages to its users to encourage exercise and healthy living. A service designed to demonstrate that the company cares about its customers and their well-being.

American home improvement company Lowe’s, has begun using AI to assist their customers via the ‘LoweBot’ – an assistant robot that helps clientele to locate a product. It also takes care of some of the heavy lifting in the inventory, making things easier for staff.”

16best tell us that, according to research, nothing yet beats a human being when it comes to roles around complex creative communications. It also appears that, for now, AI is continuing to provide tools for creatives, rather than replace them in the work place.

“Although it is very efficient when it comes to performing certain tasks, there is still a long way to go before AI can replace human interaction. There are consistent developments in this field however, so it is likely that it won’t be long before we see some significant breakthroughs in AI technology.”

We will let you know as soon as we hear more on how AI may effect you and your working lfe. Meanwhile, if you would like to find out how other famous brands are using AI to improve performance, take a look at’s infographic ‘How Brands Use AI‘.

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