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How To Get The Most Out Of Live-streaming

Live-streaming (broadcasting online media to an audience in real-time) is huge right now and it’s not a passing trend. If you are running a business, or just like to keep up with media tech, the chances are that you have already used tools such as Instagram Stories or Facebook Live to deliver content to friends or viewers. Using live-stream technology well, could permanently transform the way that you communicate with your contacts and/or customers.

If you haven’t quite got the hang of using this relatively new technology yet, or are currently considering live-streaming as a marketing tool for your business, we have come up with some tips to help you to get the most out of live-streaming and infuse content into your social feeds for best effect.

The obvious:

  • Ensure that you have a strong connection before you go live and, whenever possible, test-run to check you are happy with sound/lighting/conditions. Close, exit or disable all programs that are not required while streaming.
  • Let your audience know in advance that you’re going to be live-streaming – when and why – preferably with an engaging description of what is coming up. Not only will this get people interested, it will also help to keep you on track and encourage some decent planning.
  • Should be obvious but do you best to be on time and consistent.
  • Interact with your viewers live if you can, by responding to messages sent during your broadcast – in real-time, as they come in. Address viewers by name where possible.
  • Stream regularly and do not be afraid to mix it up, trying a variety of broadcast styles and locations.

The rest:

  • Know why you’re going live. Consider and focus on what makes your video current or timely. What is unmissable about this update? Exclusivity? News? Location? Let your audience know why they cannot afford to miss your stream.
  • Why not stream to multiple platforms simultaneously? There are services available (check out ‘restream’) that can be used for multi-streaming your live content across many platforms at once, making it more accessible and maximising engagement.
  • Back up / record your live streams so that they can be accessed later if missed.

At Epic Studios we are able to record and live-stream your event in broadcast quality on multiple cameras to give a really professional feel. This works for any event booked at our studios, from live music to conferences.

For information on Epic Studios’ live-streaming services please visit our live streaming web page or give us a call on 01603 727727 and we will talk through your options with you.

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