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Free help with Freeview 0 11 September 2017

Freeview Support For Customers With Bad Signal

If you are one of millions of Freeview users around the UK, you may find that your service is effected by the improved local internet speeds being generated by widespread 4G signal switch-ons. Not to worry! Freeview support is being offered to customers who need it, via the ‘at800’ project (

at800 was set up under government direction to ensure that customers continue to get Freeview TV when 4G services are set in motion in their area. It is funded by the UK mobile operators who are launching 4G. They can send free (‘easy to fit’) filters that block mobile phone signals and, in some circumstances, even a accredited engineer to your home to help you, also free of charge.

4G signals can interfere with Freeview television signals because they work around the same frequency (800 MHZ) and interference may cause any number of issues; including freezing, pixilated images, lack of sound or pictures or a ‘No Signal’ message.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, try calling 0808 13 13 800, Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm and someone will have a chat with you about the best course of action. Alternatively you can visit the website for loads more help and advice – including guides for viewers with shared aerials, local authorities, property managers and landlords.

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