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editing software 0 20 June 2017

Free Editing Software For Your Mobile Device

Technological advances in recent years have opened up a whole world of possibilities for creative producers. The unrelenting demand for faster, easier ways to get media out to audiences, is continually answered by technologies that are faster, more mobile, lower cost and increasingly user friendly. You can even play broadcast journalist and instantly livestream your content via various media platforms. But those of you who prefer to share a more polished product, while maintaining the fastest and most flexible turnaround possible, probably prefer to capture and edit your video (and audio) on a mobile device before sharing.

So, how can you be sure that you will get the quality and control you need? Why not try one of these recommended apps…

ProMovie Recorder provides an impressive level of control to the user. It offers the option to change aspect ratio, bitrate quality, frame rate and resolution (supporting up to 4k). There are onscreen controls for white balance, exposure, ISO and up to 3 x digital zoom and the app includes some advanced audio recording controls (such as audio gain/format, volume level indicator and input devices). To avoid a watermark on your video, you will have to pay around £2.50. (Android / IOS)

Top of the pile for IOS mobile filmmaking according to some, Adobe Premiere Clip is free to download from Play Store. This video /photo editing app allows you to import, rearrange and trim clips, add music, transitions and effects and allows for use of Creative Cloud, so you can switch between iPhone and iPad without the need for manually transferring files. (IOS)

Cinema FV-5 allows you to adjust sensor parameters while shooting; ISO, focus, white balance, exposure compensation and light metering, and provides multiple video focus options. It has an in-built intervalometer (for timelapse), manual shutter speed (dependent on your device) and live RGB histogram. Recording time and video resolution are limited on the ‘Lite’ version, Pro = £2.50. (Android)

iMovie is a popular video editing app from Apple that includes a selection of themes, including music and sound effects. It offers multi-touch gestures that allow the user to add media from various sources and it is easy to export finished movies to Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube. Download free from iTunes.

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