WAW/Bellatrix Wrestling Weekender September 2018

Fri 21 Sep 2018 - Sun 23 Sep 2018 Doors open: Various
Tickets: £10-80

The fierce female warriors of Bellatrix kick things off on Friday before the kids of the WAWYC return for another long awaited Kidmania on Saturday afternoon. An action packed Saturday continues as the WAW roster compete on Saturday evening, knowing that things only get worse for them on Sunday when the survivors take part in a ruthlessly violent 18+ show where all rules are thrown out of the window and a variety of hardcore weapons are thrown into the mix.

Featuring the return of the Crusher Mason Memorial Rumble in honour of the British heavyweight mauler. 40 men compete for the opportunity to claim the prestigious trophy which entitles the victor to a future British Heavyweight title shot.

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