THE ORB – 30th Anniversary Tour

Fri 21 Jun 2019 Doors open: 7:30
Tickets: £25 ADV

One of the most pioneering acts in dance music history THE ORB are bringing part 2 of their 30th Anniversary to the UK in 2019!

To celebrate, the legendary outfit are heading out on the second part of a special tour that will see The Orb deliver a career spanning 30th Anniversary Greatest Hits set which stretches back as far as 1991’s ‘The Orb’s Adventured Beyond The Ultraworld’ all the way to the newest release, 2018’s ‘No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds’.

Hot off the back of part 1 of their tour which was received well by electronic enthusiasts across the country, now is your chance to throwback to the 90’s in a venue near you. The Orb are an act still very much at the top of their game 30 years on – don’t miss out.

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