Sun 26 Nov 2017 Doors open: 6:30
Tickets: £7 ADV

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The Enchanted Heart of Song

A unique evening of song and dance

November 26th 2017. 6.30pm.

Songs of life’s vision, love’s reason, now’s season, and enchantment’s giving. To search a lifetime for true self and unlearn words that hold us in chains. To set I free by being me. To live and not perish internally. To win, where the sword and scales of justice stand in precision balancing all that is. For love’s song rings through to the heart of all. One song, one voice.

A warm invitation to be enlivened by the twinkle of a celestial voice. Enjoy beautiful songs of enchantment from a million miles away.  Together let us journey into the innermost sanctum of our enchanted hearts.


“I’ll sing a song for days gone by;

I’ll sing the child that knows no lie.

I’ve seen the raw side of the ocean’s front,

Back unto back you’ve been my guide;

I hovered over sea and sky,

To soar up high, Victoria.

              Salve Maria, O’Messiah Victorium.”   Sithabile

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