SHAM 69 (1977 Lineup) + UK SUBS

Thu 18 Apr 2019 Doors open: 7:30
Tickets: £23.50 ADV

SHAM 69 (1977 Lineup – Pursey, Parsons, Treganna & Guy) + UK SUBS

A special co-headline show with both these amazing punk rock acts playing full live sets! Don’t miss this one!!!

SHAM 69 – Original 1977 Lineup

featuring Jimmy Pursey, Dave Parsons, Dave Treganna plus Robin Guy


In July 1977 Jimmy met with Miles Copeland (manager of The Police) who was running Step Forward & Illegal records. Jimmy scored a slot headlining the Acklam Hall on 21st July 1977. The support bands; Chelsea, The Lurkers & The Cortinas were all on Step Forward records, it was inevitable that Sham 69 would put out the first single on Step Forward and released ‘I Dont Wanna’ in August 1977. Sham 69 were soon packing venues and due to the success of the ‘I Dont Wanna’ single, Polydor Records signed Sham 69 for a 4 album contract. Albie Slider was replaced by Dave Treganna (Kermit) after a fight broke out in the recording studio when Dave Parsons replaced Albert’s bass. January 1978 Polydor released the ‘Borstal Breakout’ single which didn’t chart but a month later the ‘Tell Us The Truth’ album was released and reached No 25. April 30th 1978 Jimmy joined The Clash on stage at Victoria Park for Rock Against Racism. Later that week Polydor released their 2nd Sham 69 single ‘Angels With Dirty Faces’ which got the band on Top Of The Pops. In July 1978 the release of the single ‘If The Kids Are United’ catapulted Sham 69 into the media spot-light. That summer Sham played the Reading Festival along with The Jam. October 1978 saw the release of the 2nd Sham 69 album ‘That’s Life’ and a new single ‘Hurry Up Harry’ which charted making the top 10. Questions & Answers was released in March 79 which was another hit and in July 79 the ‘Hersham Boys’ single was released which became Sham 69’s biggest hit.

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There’s not many bands that have the respect of EVERYONE on the punk scene. But Charlie Harpers UK SUBS is that exception. Formed in 1976, the mainstay of the band has been vocalist Charlie Harper, originally a singer in Britain’s R&B scene (now venerated as the godfather of UK punk) the band has continued and thrived. 2010 marked the fifth decade in which the U.K. Subs had continually graced the Punk Rock scene, widely recognised as one of the most consistently and visibly successful punk bands – they maintain and pioneer the true spirit of punk rock, without the compromise and watering-down that has affected so many of their contemporaries.

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