The Future of Norwich Music Forum

Tue 30 Oct 2018 Doors open: 7:00
Tickets: Free and Open to All

This event is FREE to attend, and complimentary tea and coffee will be provided.
Free E-Tickets can be reserved from the Epic Studios’ website, but these are purely to help us get an idea of numbers.
You are welcome to turn up on the door, no ticket is needed.

After a preliminary meeting at The Brickmakers to decide on key issues and put forward a plan of action, the discussion around the future of Norwich music is gaining traction.
We are a community of Norwich music fans, organisers, cataloguers and performers who want to see rejuvenation and positive changes in an otherwise thriving live music scene in the city.

This next meeting is being held at Epic Studios to accommodate a larger audience, bringing the conversation to the wider public as well as representatives from organisations, the council, media outlets and major local music venues.

The meeting will involve panel discussions around topics such as accessibility, publicity and infrastructure. The exact topics and line-ups of these panels will be announced closer to the date.

Most importantly, there will be an opportunity for audience members to pose questions to those on the panel, and we would like to reiterate that anyone who has any involvement with live music in whatever capacity is welcome to attend this meeting!

Whether you’re an occasional or avid gig goer, a novice or internationally renowned musician, it’s important to us that all aspects of the community are represented. Please come along, invite your friends and have your say.



The Forum was set up in reaction to the news that the managers of several live
music hosting pubs in Norwich (including The Brickmakers, Garden House and York
Tavern) were being priced out by the pub co EI. To many, this highlighted an
uncertain future for the city’s music scene. Initially the Forum was a place for
discussion of issues, questions and ideas, however it quickly became clear that
people wanted much more than this. They wanted action. The group attracted 400
members in 24 hours, nearing 700 in less than 2 weeks. It has also raised a lot of
local media attention, with coverage on BBC Look East, Radio Norfolk and local
press. The group now encompasses a collective of people that want to work towards
making positive changes within the Norwich Music Community.

Mission Statement

The Norwich Music Community working together to ensure we have a cohesive,
accessible and vibrant live music scene with a stable future.


The Future of Norwich Music group is an open forum where everybody in the local
music community, whatever their involvement, from venue owners to buskers, can
express their opinions, ideas and questions in a free and friendly environment.


1) To provide an open platform for the Norwich music community to share their
questions, issues, ideas and opinions in order to raise awareness and encourage
communication between different branches of the community.
2) To improve the support for live music in Norwich, with a particular emphasis on
the smaller end of the scale and local or up and coming musicians.
3) To encourage the creation of a more cohesive, communicative and adaptable
local live music scene in order to achieve greater stability in this ever-changing
4) To gain a better understanding of what barriers there are that might discourage
people in Norwich from attending live music events and encouraging local councils,
venues and businesses to look into ways of minimising these barriers.
5) To work and communicate with the interested or and/or relevant parties to assess
what practical improvements can be made to the infrastructure of Norwich night life
and venues in order to help its sustainability.

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