Lloyd Cole

Mon 26 Feb 2018 Doors open: 7:00
Tickets: £20

We are delighted to announce Lloyd Cole will be here on Monday 26th February with The Retrospective Tour – the Lloyd Cole songbook 1983 – 1996, celebrating the recent release of the 1983 – 1996 anthology, Lloyd will perform songs exclusively from this classic period.

“Yes, it was me who opened his solo venture with a song called ‘Don’t Look Back’. I know, I know…

However, the release of 2015’s ‘Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Collected Recordings 1983-1989’ was received to universal warmth and acclaim, and it sold out far more quickly than UMG anticipated. A second printing was released, and a second box too, by March 2017. It spans 1989 – 1996, my first four solo albums, the lost fifth album, plus rarities and videos.

These boxes are a lot of work, much of which can only be done by me. I must revisit and rediscover material. I am necessarily in retrospective mode. I have decided to embrace it.

In 2016 all of my set lists comprised material from 1983 – 1996 only. Some called it the Classic Songbook Tour, some called it The Retrospective. It began in Glasgow in August with the Leopards and then my son and I played acoustically all over Europe. We reconvened in January in Australia, then on to New Zealand. In March we resumed in Scandinavia, Germany, The Netherlands, France and then back to the UK. The final duo shows were in Glasgow in April. Once demand has dried up for this show I will resume my work as a contemporary artist.”

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