Lets Eat Grandma – A Benefit For Billy

Wed 26 Sep 2018 Doors open: 6:00
Tickets: £10 ADV

Lets Eat Grandma, supported by Hannah Diamond, Bessie Turner,  Franko Fraize, Ducking Punches acoustic and Fay Milton (Savages) are raising money for Billy Clayton’s Cancer Treatment.

Billy Clayton, a musician from Norwich, was just finishing his A-levels Billy was told he had aggressive cancer.

In the three years since, through gruelling chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery which severely impacted his mobility Billy has battled Ewing’s Sarcoma, a bone cancer which mainly affects young people. There were occasions when his family thought he had beaten it but they’ve now been given the devastating news that it’s returned.

There is an opportunity to save his life though. Clinically-trialed treatment has had very positive results in cases like Billy’s.

Sadly, trials in the UK have taken a break and the only way to save Billy is by getting private treatment abroad at a specialist clinic in Germany and have now also been put in contact with a leading molecular Oncologist in The States who will be able to determine the best combination of cutting edge immunotherapy and targeted chemotherapy for Billy.  Unfortunately, the costs of this treatment will not be cheap and we desperately need your help in raising these funds urgently so that Billy stands a chance and can have a future.

Billy needs to be receiving this treatment as soon as possible and every day that passes is another one against us.  Billy has gone on to help raise awareness around mental health issues for other young people going through cancer, including this interview with Channel 4 news .

He has a huge love of music and art which has motivated him to focus on his future. This year Billy even graduated from the Access Creative College artist development programme, despite his relentless ordeal and having to do most  of his work remotely, usually from his bed, due to his cancer treatment.

During long periods of treatment and being isolated from friends, Billy focused upon writing, producing and recording his own songs from his bedroom in Norwich and has been catching the eye of several prominent artists in the field including Charli XCX and others.

To say that Billy has been through a traumatic time is an understatement. When most young people are making plans for their futures, becoming independent and having fun, Billy has spent most of the last three years undergoing harrowing hospital treatment or at home sick with the side effects.

This nightmare disease has run rampage over every aspect of his life, yet in the face of all this, Billy has managed to remain as positive as possible.


This concert sees the Norwich and larger music community come together to help raise money for Billy and to show support and love

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