Burn The Headlines

Sat 28 Jul 2018 Doors open: 7:30
Tickets: £7 ADV

After a long silence Burn The Headlines return with “GHOSTS”, their hotly anticipated debut album.

With the globe in conflict under the influence of power hungry dictators, ever increasing civil unrest and mass hysteria; “GHOSTS” sets itself right in the fray.

The opening track entitled “End Of Days” is a focused, fiery take on modern affairs. Setting the scene for the album it takes you through a thought provoking message of uprising, resistance and defiance.

The album holds nothing back as it continues on its journey, painting a picture of the struggle hope and unity faces against a global increase of intolerance, hatred and confrontation.

“GHOSTS” finishes on a cinematic level with the title track. A reflection on the aftermath of all things that could have been with the mistakes and agendas that paved the way.

Burn The Headlines have evolved, changed the state of play and are set to become one of the best upcoming British bands this year.

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