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0 15 March 2017

Epic Studios TV Production Training

Some of our readers may be aware of the TV Production experiences that are run here at Epic Studios. We provide training and team building for corporate and private clients in the form of day workshops or short courses and can even help you and your colleagues to crew and create your own, bespoke and unique video marketing content, featuring yourselves as the stars.

Our most recent workshop offered basic training and practical experience in TV production and was a great success, enjoyed by all who attended. The day began with building orientation, including a studio and galleries tour and a safety briefing. Participants had come from as far as Essex to take part and we were delighted at how the group immediately gelled, with an age range of 18-30. We soon moved on to some Q&A on production roles and, with some Access to Music creative media students and a university graduate in the group, were impressed with the level of existing knowledge. The group was then split for some practical experience – half in the studio on cameras and the rest in the gallery.

TV Production course

With such a ‘switched-on’ team under our guidance, it was soon time to get into rehearsals, before our newly trained crew went on to produce two of their own shows. Participants took on the roles shown below and all of them did a fantastic job.

Team Roles:
Vision mixer
VT (video tape) operator
Autocue operator
Sound assistant
Production assistant
Camera operators
Floor manager

TV Production course

Above you can see presenter naturals Josh Breeze and Sean McCarthy, really letting their unique personalities come to the fore and having fun with the production. They were supported by behind-the-scenes talents, Daniel Thomas, David Heard, Matty Fricker, James Hubbard, Katie Edwards, Harley Tedds, Serena Philips, Charlotte Robinson, Sharni Sayer, David Sztrik, Connor Pink and Morgan Devenney.

media courses

The entire day ran from 10-4pm with 2 half hr breaks, which included lunch. But we have listened to feedback given since, that requested the potential for a longer day. There has also been interest expressed in workshops with smaller groups, that focused more on one specific role.

Other than these suggestions (thank you to those who provided feedback!) we had lots of positive comments.

Workshop Feedback:

  • “It gave me that bit of extra media that I lacked from my days at university”
  • “Really enjoyed it”
  • “I really liked getting the chance to use the big cameras and experience what it would be like to film the news”
  • “I enjoyed sitting in the gallery and playing the VTs as it felt real”
  • “The roles that I was able to partake in were great fun and actually answered many questions I had about how it all works”
  • “It was really fun to be in a professional environment doing something we all enjoyed as a group”
  • “I enjoyed working with a large crew. I was provided with the opportunity to develop my skills in TV Production while working the professional equipment”
  • “I got to experience roles which I had not before tried doing”
  • “A really fun day”
  • “The bit I enjoyed the most was being floor manager – being trusted with such an important role and feeling like I had a positive effect on the overall production”

TV training

Huge thanks to all our fantastic workshop participants, who really made it a fun day for us. Also, not forgetting Epic Studios’ in-house tech & training team and operations manager, who planned, rigged, technically supported and supervised everything from start to finish.

At the end of March, we will be producing a TV show with Mustard TV and Access to Music’s talent creative media students. With our production crew consisting of many of the students who took part in the workshop described above, we are really excited to see them put their production skills into practice and can’t wait to let you know how the show turns out in a future blog!

Meanwhile, if this sounds like something that you would like to arrange for your school, college, work colleagues or friends, you can find out more about Epic Studios workshops and courses on our ‘Training‘ page, or contact us for details direct on 01603 727727.

We look forward to meeting our next stars of the future soon!

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