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0 17 April 2018

Epic Studios’ Showreel 2018

Epic Studios has a vibrant summer ahead, and we are proud of our diverse programme, packed full of music, sport, poetry, comedy, quiz, festival and conference events (alongside some more unique additions, such as our family rave afternoon, from the incredibly popular ‘Big Fish, Little Fish’!). This, additional to an exciting TV production calendar, which we will share more information on over the coming weeks.

It is safe to say that things never get dull or boring here at the studios! But what else do members of the Epic Studios team get up to when they are away from our much-loved base in Norwich? Our location projects range from live-streamed aerial surveys, to high-end promotional videos, filmed and edited by Epic Studios production team members and collaborators. We work with long term, repeat clients like Lamborghini and Sunseeker on creation of their video marketing products, occasionally taking members of Epic Studios’ production crew to breathtaking locations. We also get involved with charity events, international media events and trade shows and we take up any local and national networking opportunities that we can, helping us to stay in the media loop!

Epic Studios wanted to share footage of both some location adventures and our typical studio programme with readers. So, before things get super-busy again this year, we asked in-house cinematographer Alex Thursby to collect all our best bits from the last few months and edit into the quick-look Epic Studios showreel 2018 below. We hope you enjoy this view of how Epic Studios crew and associates spend their time, both in and out of the studios, bringing venue customers and private clients the best we can in entertainment and production from week to week.

There is much more of the same to come, including plenty of surprises in 2018 yet to be announced, so we hope that you will stay connected for those. Both Epic Studios staff and customers have a lot to look forward to! To view more Epic Studios shenanigans, you can visit the Epic Studios showreels page.

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