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BBC EU Referendum Debate 0 27 May 2016

Epic Studios’ BBC EU Referendum Debate

BBC EU Referendum Debate

Epic Studios’ TV production crew are looking forward to welcoming the BBC back into our studios next month for a special recording on the European Union Referendum debate. Preparations have already begun for their ‘Better in or out?’ discussion programme, which will be filmed in front of a live studio audience of approximately 100 invited guests.

With the latest opinion polls on the EU referendum showing that our nation is divided on this issue, indicating a near even split, with 40% for remain and 39% swaying towards leaving the EU, knowing the facts has never been more important. With this BBC debate, the most significant vote we will likely ever make will be dissected by a panel of those most educated on the issue.

The names of our on-camera contributors have not yet been revealed but we can tell you that there will be a panel of 4 leading experts and 4 MPs joining us for the show, with an equal leave/remain split. BBC journalist, presenter and newsreader Stewart White will host, inviting television audiences to view the broadcast at 10pm on Sunday 12th June, by tuning in to BBC1. The show has also been elected for airing on BBC1 HD, so watch our Epic Studios Facebook page for updates on this.

The production will be an interactive experience for those attending, with audience questions answered by the MPs and experts present to help give a balanced perspective for those of you who are still unsure on which way to vote 23rd of June 2016.

Are you struggling to decide, or like many of us feel as if you would like to be better informed before making a decision? If you’d like to find out more about the reasons for and against leaving or remaining in the EU, or even the referendum process itself and how to vote, you can find out more on the BBC website – The UK’s EU referendum: All you need to know

We would love for you to come along and take part in the show, joining our live audience to engage in the BBC EU debate. With the ability to direct your own concerns or lack of clarity to those at the centre of the debate, the real questions of the EU referendum will be aired. This could include whether you agree with Alexander Salmon, and that leaving the EU would as a consequence result in a second vote on Scottish Independence, or whether you feel like David Cameron’s negotiations were strong enough to get Britain a better deal if we remain as part of the European Union. Freedom of movement of people is one of the 4 founding principles of the EU single market, is the only way to control our borders really to leave?

To voice your opinions on these topics, or any others, as part of the audience for this historic debate, please follow the link and apply before 31st May – Join us for the EU BBC Look East Referendum Special.

You can also read more on our Epic Studios events page.

BBC EU Referendum Debate

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