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qualified drone pilots 0 6 May 2016

Drone Restrictions To Be Tightened?

Last year was widely referred to as “The year of the Drone” and considered an exciting time for innovative film producers, private leisure and commercial drone pilots alike. However, 2015 also saw 28 near collisions between unmanned craft and passenger planes – a situation that has prompted calls for new safety measures, in the form of drone restrictions to be brought in to protect air passengers.

A collision between a BA plane and an ‘inert object’ at Heathrow airport last month, triggered government promises that there will be a public consultation on proposals to tighten the rules around flying and filming with drones in the coming months. Chief executive of the International Airlines Group, Willie Walsh, has also publically recommended restrictions on the use of drones this week, warning that the risk will increase, “as drones get bigger and more complex, with greater capability and able to operate at higher altitudes”.

The trained pilot believes that registering the ownership and operation of UAVs could solve a lot of the issues that are currently causing concern. “A register makes a lot of sense” he said.

Current commercial drone restrictions:

Commercial drone pilots are already required to register with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and to earn a PFAW (Permission For Aerial Work) prior to flying or filming with unmanned aerial vehicles. Before a PFAW is granted, they are required to pass system testing, flight tests and written examinations. If they are successful they also get a BNUC-S pilot qualification, which is renewed each year. But there is currently nothing like this enforced for non-commercial drone users.

“It’s inevitable that we will see more restrictions placed on the ownership and operation of drones.” Said Walsh, “The Irish Aviation Authority have already introduced a register viagra en france achat. They are ahead of the game. I’d be surprised if the CAA don’t follow,”

If you own a drone, do you think that a register for pilots is a good idea? Will it work if applied to private use?

(Epic Studios’ associated UAV photography, surveying and filming pilots are registered with the CAA and Euro USC licensed, with 1st class BNUC-S certificates and appropriate flying permits in place).

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