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CBBC Airmaggedon drones 0 29 February 2016

CBBC’s Airmaggedon

CBBC’s Airmaggedon Aviators Trained by Epic Studios Pilot…

Airmageddon is a new drone-based entertainment series from the makers of Robot Wars that has just begun airing on CBBC, and we are already hooked! Not least because our very own Epic Studios UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) pilot, Gary Boulter, is responsible for many of the aviation skills on display.

Gary has spent the last few weeks teaching Airmageddon contestants how to fly their UAVs with style, helping out with their repairs and test-flying house drones prior to and during filming.

For those of you who haven’t seen Airmageddon yet, the concept is simple. Four teams of (9 to 14-year-old) pilots and their chosen partners, do battle against each other in the ‘Airena’ until one team emerges victorious, winning a place in the semi-finals. (Check out a trailer below).

The youngsters get to showcase their newly-gained aerial skills, as they navigate laser-firing UAVs around various obstacles and skill tests, having customised them to look, well, pretty awesome.

Between rounds teams are given a chance to modify, test or repair their drones in workshops provided before a ‘to the death’ dogfight finale. Frankly, we’re a bit jealous of our Airmaggedon colleague and not ashamed to admit that we are avidly watching the series even though it is clearly supposed to be geared toward a ‘slightly’ younger demographic.

If tech nerds out there don’t fancy a bit of UAV warfare, we here that Robot Wars is due to make its official comeback later in 2016, an unbelievable thirteen years after it last aired.

Yeah, we’ll be watching that too.


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