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Natural History 0 24 October 2017

Blue Planet II

Epic Studios’ countdown has begun until the first broadcast of Blue Planet II, with episode one of seven due to air on this Sunday 29th October on BBC 1. The series focuses on various elements of ocean life that were also included in Blue Planet I. Familiarly named episodes The Deep, Coral Reefs and Coast will run along with Green Seas, Big Blue, an introductory episode called One Ocean and a finale episode that urges viewers to consider the future of the world’s seas.

(Blue Planet trailer courtesy of BBC Earth below. All still images are screenshot captures)

Trailer Blue Planet II
The musical score for Blue Planet II was produced by Hans Zimmer, who also wrote the music for Planet Earth II (released this time last year). To somehow improve musical perfection, Zimmer also joined forces with Radiohead and between them they reworked the band’s 2011 track ‘Bloom’ (apparently inspired by the first Blue Planet series) for inclusion in the soundtrack.

BBC Earth
It is clear that the series this year will highlight environmental issues surrounding the welfare of our oceans and narrator David Attenborough’s comments in the final episode (quoted in Radio Times’ article ‘Everything you need to know about Blue Planet II on BBC1‘) reflect his own concerns about the future of our planet and humankind’s impact upon it:

“We have a responsibility. Every one of us. It is one world and it is in our care. And for the first time in the history of humanity – the first time in 500 million years – one species has the future in the palm of its hands. I just hope he realises that is the case.”

BBC Earth’s trailer on YouTube has had almost 2 million views since it was shared last month and the featured footage is as incredible as anticipated. Do not forget to tune in along with millions of others this weekend!

For more on the Zimmer/Radiohead collaboration, view the video below.

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