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TV Advertising 0 21 August 2017

Benefits Of TV Advertising

The way audiences consume entertainment may have altered since the rise of platforms such as YouTube, Netflix and Facebook – but recent research from various sources tells us that TV advertising is still the most effective method available to marketers.

If you thinking it’s a bit ‘old-school’ to buy an advertising spot on TV these days, you may need to re-consider. The truth is that audiences trust broadcast TV more than digital platforms – and savvy marketers can benefit from recent mistakes made by some of the most popular social media sites out there. In a report from the CMO council, it was found that 60% of consumers were avoiding social media advertising due to offensive content and 40% of 2,000 participants had already installed software on their devices to block adverts.

A recent article on stated:

“48% will abandon even brands that they love, should they see their ads appear next to ‘objectionable’ online content or on fake news sites…some 37% of consumers say this would ‘change the way [they] think of a brand when making a decision to buy’. Another 11% would flat-out ‘not do business with that brand’, while 9% say they would become vocal critics of the brand.”

If these findings aren’t enough to inspire acknowledgement of the benefits of TV advertising, it may be worth noting the ways that some of the UK’s most successful brands are currently allocating their budgets. Many are still taking advantage of the fact that TV adverts reach millions, everyday, on a full-sized screen, with sound – and that viewers are far less likely to switch off during ad breaks than to ‘bounce’ or use ‘skip ad’ options when encountering online marketing techniques. As a result of considerations like these (according to GroupM) 11% more advertisers opted for television last year than went for digital methods.

So, social media platforms, take note and look after your customers! And advertisers…consider your options – it is just possible that using a traditional method is still a smarter move than you may think.

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