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Harriet Howard and Jake Watson 0 4 April 2017

Behind The Scenes At Student Music TV Show – ‘MixTape’

Last month we blogged about Epic Studios’ TV Production training experiences and mentioned an upcoming student music TV show collaboration, with Access to Music and Mustard TV (since named ‘MixTape’). The recording went ahead as planned on March 24th and MixTape will be aired by Mustard in May. Meanwhile, here’s a quick overview of how things went behind-the-scenes!

The process of creating MixTape began in January with a brief given to Access to Music media students to create VT inserts in small production teams (VT inserts are pre-recorded and edited segments of a live show – the kind of thing you may see between presented elements and sofa interviews on shows like The One Show). The MixTape VTs were to be 3 minutes long, factual, music-related and aimed at a 16 to 34-year-old audience. Students came up with ideas and pitched them to Graham Perrin and Kiernan O’Shea of Mustard TV, then began work on approved VT productions in February.

Lucy Grubb and Harriet Howard

Shortly after VT production began (and while initial pre-production got started for the show that would be built around them) Access to Music student guests – singer/songwriters Lucy Grubb (appearing on right in rehearsals above) and Becca Rose (appearing during soundcheck below) were given the recording date and invited to perform and take part in interviews live on the show. Both are talented Access to Music musicians that Epic and Mustard were very happy to feature in the programme!

Becca Rose Epic Studios

VTs that could not be worked into the programme due to time restraints, will be featured on the social media platforms of all collaborators over the coming weeks. For now, you can view one below – a fantastic Artist Spotlight production from Matty Fricker, James Hubbard and Connor Pink.

Just a few days before the final recording of MixTape, Epic studios’ technical team established logistical studio requirements and prepped sound, lighting (including LED wall) and a set lay-out that allowed for effective filming of performances and interviews. Graphics, scripts and pre-production paperwork were created by the student crew with guidance from Mustard, and everything was rehearsal ready.  Rehearsals took place on March 22nd, with students under the guidance of Epic Studios’ technical team, Mustard TV ‘s production team and Angela Rangecroft of Access to Music’s media department.

MixTape rehearsals

Everyone left happy with the day’s events and just a couple of days later it was show time.
Mustard TV’s Harriet Howard and Jake Watson (shown below) joined the team as presenters; Lucy and Becca’s soundchecks went smoothly and a small studio audience began gathering as friends and family of the student crew and performers started arriving. Just after 7pm it was time to start recording and by 8pm MixTape was declared a wrap – all that work condensed into a half hour show! We will let our readers and social media followers know when it can be viewed soon, so look out for updates.

MixTape music show

Epic Studios would like to extend thanks to all involved for their hard work and everyone who attended. We are looking forward to further music show productions over the coming months and to working with more students from the local area. We will keep you posted on dates as soon as they’re confirmed.

Images provided by Access to Music.

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