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Bad manners in Norwich 0 3 March 2016

Bad Manners Back at Epic Studios

Sell-out heritage act Bad Manners will be back at Epic Studios in the run up to Christmas this year.
We’ve snapped them up to join us here 10th December in what has become a traditional event in our seasonal calendar. In previous years their high-energy live shows have proved some of the most popular regular music events that we host here at Epic. It seems you lot are huge fans of a pre-Christmas knees up with Buster Bloodvessel and crew!

Epic Studios staff are particularly looking forward to this year’s gig, with their 2016 tour being a Bad Manners’ 40th Anniversary special. It’s hard to believe how long these heavyweight Ska legends have been on the scene. Bad Manners first formed in 1976 and in the years since they have enjoyed a successful chart career, numerous TV appearances and a full calendar, performing to audiences all over the globe.

We can barely believe it was as far back as the early 80s that Bad Manners appeared from nowhere to become a household name. With 12 hit singles, including ‘Lip Up Fatty’, ‘Special Brew’ and ‘My Girl Lollipop’, they ensured that they would not be forgotten easily.

Original front man Douglas Trendle, is a slightly scaled down version these days but remains the undeniably larger than life personality that he always was. Named Buster Bloodvessel after a dubious character who appeared in the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour movie back in the 60s, his out-landish behaviour led to a ban from Top of the Pops during the peak of his career and later from Italian TV after mooning a concert audience during a show that the Pope was watching …oops!

For an idea of the kind of performance you can expect these days you can check out the video below. Buy Bad Manners tickets.

We recommend purchasing tickets early for this event.

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