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drone filming norfolk 0 11 April 2016

Aerial Filming in East Anglia

Aerial Filming in East Anglia

Epic Studios partner Extreme Video has been involved in some really exciting projects lately, aerial filming in East Anglia. So much so, we decided it was time to share one with you here.

Take a look at this latest video, recently featured on a BBC news story showing Scylla (the largest vessel of its kind) “Jacked Up” in the Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour. The video was produced in collaboration with multi-award winning production company Eye Film (tenants at and friends of Epic Studios).

Extreme Video achieves stunning results with UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). They perform all necessary risk assessments and gain associated permissions on behalf of clients prior to filming. Their qualified, first-class BNUC-S licensed and highly experienced pilots, are then able to capture a diverse range of footage for a variety of uses.

Of course there are the obvious location shoots, sporting and outdoor festival or music events, but it doesn’t end there. EV are also extreme condition specialists, so whether a client is looking for oil rig/wind farm inspection footage, or simple video content for an estate agent’s marketing purposes, Extreme Video are just as at home with the job. They can also film underwater, underground and in high temperature or high pressure environments.

For more information, go to:

More information on drone services

More information on minicam services

If you think that drone filming could be helpful for your business, please contact Jonathan on 07785261361 or email him on with your enquiry.

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